ProViri Synthetic Turf - "The New Generation Of Synthetic Turf"

  • ProViri is manufactured in the USA and distributed to Sams Club and Walmart exclusively!

    Together Sams Club, Walmart and ProViri are committed to bringing the best synthetic grass products to the marketplace with not only great value in the spirit of Sam Walton but also customer support. Trust and confidence in quality plus product guarantee from Sams Club, Walmart and ProViri, leads to your satisfaction.

    ProViri is manufactured by one of the top U.S. manufacturers of synthetic turf. The blend of colors, weight and fibers make a perfect product for landscaping as well as for porches, verandas, RV pads, etc. Different sizes are available.

    Order online for our greatest selection to customize what you need.

    ProViri products are currently available online at and

ProViri means: "GO GREEN"!